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Computer – Alan Turing & Co.   Husky Intelligence continually strives to improve the automation features within the system.  We want to stay one step ahead of our competitors by introducing new innovations to our field service management software.  However, most of what we do and strive to accomplish would not be possible if it was not for Alan Turing.   History and Inventors/Influences   Alan Turing was an English computer...

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Michael "Monty" Widenius was a man of vision who started writing MySQL in 1995 with David Axmark, and they released the first windows version in 1996.  MySQL is an open source relational database management system, and a leader in the industry.   In 2003 Michael won the Software Entrepreneur of the year award in Finland.   Interesting fact.  Michael named MySQL after his first daughter My.   MariaDB was...

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When thinking about Technological breakthroughs, what better place to start than with Social Media.   It’s interesting to read various articles on the history of Social Media.   Some would harken back to the early days of Mail.   Not US Mail mind you…but centuries before that.  You could then travel forward to the age of telegraphs, and telephones.  Hey, my granny used to be on a “Party Line.”  ...

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