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Husky ERP - a change for the better

That’s a saying often used for example in economics — not so often in relation to ERP solutions.


ERP solution implementation projects are usually very large and require significant financial and labor investments. For this reason, many organizations are reluctant to change their system, even if it no longer optimally serves their operations.

The system may have fit the original need well, but changes in the operating environment, legislation, business, or company size have changed the requirements for the system. Life cycle of the solution may also cause it to fail to meet today’s challenges in the desired way.

Should an exchange be considered? I think the answer is definitely – Yes! On the one hand, it is good to assess what the exchange requires from the organization in terms of financial investment, personnel input, what risks are associated with the transfer, and how the risks can be minimized. Then, on the other hand, determine the benefits of the project. Identify how much money we save, or additional sales gained through the project. Improvements or streamlining of customer service, streamlining of processes, simplification of administrative tasks, and growth in sales are indicators to assess the financial benefits to be achieved.

How can a system vendor help? A responsible supplier openly communicates both the benefits to be gained, AND the risks associated with the project. Neither party will benefit from the failure of the project.

If your current system doesn’t fully serve your needs, then now is the time to contact Husky. We have a campaign, right now, with the option to get implementation work at a discounted price. Get in touch and check out what benefits you would get from changing your solution: Husky Intelligence’s features.
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A change for the better!
Heikki Saari
Sales Director
Husky Intelligence

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