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Field service business: Additional services or add-on sales?

additional services

Field service business: Additional services or add-on sales?

Field service business is a field of its own. There are as many approaches to it as there are businesses in it. While earlier this week we discussed the importance of customer relationships, today we will focus on the topic of additional services or add-on sales.

Giving and/or getting


Depending on the type of field service business, one could offer a number of different add-on services. Furthermore, some may even supply products such as spare parts as a part of their service. Whether it makes sense for your company to offer these is up to you. Still, in many cases companies opt to offer them.


The debate of additional services or add-on sales boils down to one point: are you putting the focus on what you can do for the customer, or what the customer can do for youIn our opinion, the smartest route is to focus on what you can give, without forgetting what you are getting. Focus on the offering and what it can do to your customer, but make sure it is still profitable.

The beauty of additional services


Additional services, when done right, can strengthen the customer relationship and bring in extra revenue. If the customer sees the value in the offered service, it is often more convenient for them to utilize the opportunity than to go elsewhere to look for it. If you can find the right offerings for your company and your clientele, you can boost your business without reinventing the wheel.


With extra services added to the mix, the customer less likely to switch providers out of convenience. But to keep the customer happy, the quality of each of these services is crucial. So while the idea of adding services might be lucrative, first check your resources and plan carefully to ensure these extra services will meet your and your customers’ standards.

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