The latest AI news: Robotic hands, self-driving cars and more

The latest AI news: Robotic hands, self-driving cars and more

The latest AI news: Robotic hands, self-driving cars and more


If there is one thing we can all agree on concerning technology, it is that the world of artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the latest news in the field at the moment.

Using AI in the assessment of accidents and disasters


A London-based startup Tractable, founded in 2014, is focusing its efforts on harnessing the power of AI to assess damage due to accidents and disasters. This kind of technology could make a great difference for insurers.


What the technology does is assess the damage through image classification with the help of deep learning. If you take a damaged car as an example, the technology is able to pinpoint the parts which are damaged and need repairing and also separate them from those which need to be switched to new ones. Besides that, the AI is able to create a cost estimation.


This type of work, depending on the availability of labor, could take days, if not weeks. These long waiting times can have a huge impact on the lives of those whose property will be assessed. Having to wait for weeks for an assessment could even have a significant effect on the livelihoods of many.

OpenAI’s robotic hand


Besides a handful of other projects, OpenAI has been busy with developing a system called Dactyl to use in a robotic hand called Shadow Dexterous Hand.


As simple as it may seem for a human, gripping is a difficult task to learn for artificial intelligence. The Dactyl-powered Shadow Dexterous Hand has been successful in not only gripping objects, but learning it by itself. The world has seen its fair share of AI able to grip objects and do other difficult tasks, but most of these systems require carefully made instructions by humans in order to achieve this.


As the way humans learn is so different from how artificial intelligence learns, OpenAI’s solution to this was to let Dactyl learn through trial and error, adjusting its ways as it went. Dactyl’s skills are not limited to one specific item or movement. Instead, it can grip a variety of objects and move them around in its hand in different ways.

Self-driving cars coming to London


Two startups, Renovo and aiPod, are teaming up in effort to bring self-driving cars to the streets of London.


Renovo’s AWare OS is an operating system for such vehicles, comparable to what Android is to smartphones. Renovo itself is not in charge of developing the artificial intelligence needed for these vehicles, but rather offers a platform to build it on.


These self-driving cars would act as taxis as well as deliver packages. Due to this, the technology behind the car needs to go beyond driving – the cars need to be able to pick up all kinds of information, whether it be on the passengers’ needs or items left behind in the vehicle.


Besides aiPod, Renovo has previously teamed up with a bunch of other startups for this project. The pilot for aiPod’s self-driving cars is set for early 2019.

These AI news are just the tip of the iceberg. If you’d like to read more on the topic of artificial intelligence, check out the rest of our blog! We will also be bringing you more on the latest advancements in the future, so stay tuned!

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