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AI security: Google Assistant and more securing your home

AI security

AI security: Google Assistant and more help secure your home

We can all agree on the fact that digital assistants these days can do a lot of different things. As these AI assistants gain more and more popularity, their capabilities expand. In this blog post we will discuss one of the most recent developments which has to do with security.

SimpliSafe comes to Google Assistant


The competition between smart speaker makers is tough. At the moment, Google seems to be winning – its Google Home Mini is currently the best-selling smart speaker in the world. That is why it makes sense other companies would take interest in offering compatibility with devices powered by Google Assistant.


SimpliSafe is the latest one to do so. Now you can control your security system with Google Assistant. Earlier this year, the company added support for Amazon Alexa and the system also works with Apple Watch.


With Google Assistant, one can simply use voice commands or type them in to control the security system. To use the integration, the user needs SimpliSafe’s monitoring plan subscription.

The home security system


Dubbed as the best do-it-yourself home security system, SimpliSafe offers impressive features to keep your home safe at all times. It comes with a wide variety of different sensors and can be connected to cameras. Furthermore, it provides integrations with other smart gadgets, including the August Smart Lock.


The core product comes in different kits, depending on the user’s needs. In addition, the company offers monthly subscriptions plans, which offer alerts to the police and the fire station and 24/7 monitoring among other things, although the system also works without a subscription.


If you are looking to add an extra layer of security to your home beyond just locks, consider AI security. A smart system like SimpliSafe could make a difference in securing your home while being fairly friendly to your wallet.

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