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Amazon Alexa Scheduling and the world of AI assistants

Amazon Alexa Scheduling and the world of AI assistants

Amazon Alexa Scheduling and the world of AI assistants


The world of AI assistants is constantly evolving. This time the headlines are about Amazon rolling out a new Smart Scheduling Assistant feature for its AI assistant, Alexa. This feature will be available on the business version of Alexa, Alexa for Business. What does this feature do and what else is happening in the AI assistant world?

Smart Scheduling Assistant


Amazon launched Alexa for Business last year. The world has already gotten to experience AI assistants, like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, in their homes. Later on, AI assistants have slowly started to expand into the work place. AI assistants can be very helpful in automating routine work. For example, many view scheduling meetings as a draining task, and the idea of the Smart Scheduling Assistant is to make it less so.


The new Smart Scheduling Assistant feature will make scheduling meetings easier, with more functions to choose from.  You can simply just tell Alexa to book a meeting for you. The new feature can compare the calendars of two individuals to schedule or move a meeting. Alexa can also schedule these events using other calendars, like Microsoft Office 365 or G Suite.

The world of AI assistants


Besides Amazon, other companies also have their own AI assistants. One of the most famous ones is Apple’s Siri, integrated in their iPhones and other devices, which is said to be lacking behind other AI assistants. Siri is expected to get an upgrade this year.


Other interesting updates include Google’s new feature, which is currently in testing stage. The new feature, called Google Duplex, can call a business to make an appointment for a hair cut for example. The AI could very well be mistaken for an actual human on the phone – that is how good it is.


As said, the feature is in its testing stage and does not have a specific release date yet, so your might have to wait until you can actually get your hands on it. For now, you can check out the video of Google introducing the feature at its I/O 2018 conference below.

We will definitely be seeing more advancements in the AI assistant technology in the future. AI assistants will become more and more commonplace in the future, both for businesses and private people. Also, if you’d like to learn more about how AI and the automation of processes could help your business,  you can click here!

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