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Artificial Intelligence – an option or a must-have?

Artificial Intelligence – an option or a must-have?

Artificial Intelligence – an option or a must-have?


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Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a trend that has been growing steadily in the past few years. Experts have predicted the rise of AI a long time ago. Oftentimes it just seems like a thing for large corporations and technology-oriented companies. Yet slowly, all kinds of companies are adopting AI and using it to improve their processes. Is it something worth your time and money or should you just store the thought for later?

Harnessing AI to improve productivity

The early uses of artificial intelligence might seem completely useless for a modern-day field service business, and for some, these things still come to mind when thinking of AI. Since then, artificial intelligence has taken major steps forward. One of the most well-known everyday examples is Apple’s Siri, which is considered to be weak AI. Adopting this type of advanced technology could really help a field service business.

An important aspect of harnessing artificial intelligence is assessing the needs of the company. The company does not need to have the know-how for AI themselves, as there are countless different businesses offering software which will do all the work for you. These businesses will often also teach you how to use the system. This means that the adoption process is not as difficult as it may seem at first.

AI could help your company with anything from monitoring equipment to CRM, for example by personalizing the customer experience. Perhaps you want to use it to calculate the best route from point A to point B. While the tasks given to AI can often also be done by humans, the adoption of this advanced technology will make the processes faster and therefore leave more time for the employees to attend to other tasks. This is an important factor in increasing productivity.

Does it cost a leg and an arm?

Even though the adoption artificial intelligence might seem rather expensive, harnessing its power in different processes does not always come with a big price tag. For example different types of software, like FSM systems, use artificial intelligence to make running your company easier. Therefore companies can utilize AI without having to invest huge amounts of money into developing their own systems. At this day and age, adopting AI is the easiest it has ever been, so why not take advantage of that?

Often with anything, the early adopters take the biggest risks but also have a chance of gaining the biggest rewards. At this point, we can say for sure that artificial intelligence is here to stay, so the risk is rather small – unless you wait too long to adapt. Not adopting AI, or adopting it too late, could very well put your company behind the competitors. Therefore the answer is yes – artificial intelligence is a must-have for your business.


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