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Automated communication and why it matters

Automated communication

Automated communication – You’ve got one new message!


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What does automated communication actually mean and why should your company take advantage of it?

The mobile phone industry was booming in the 1990s. The manufacturers added a feature, which allowed the users to send short messages to other mobile phones. There was no longer a need to call, but instead you could send a 160-character message. This made things easier in situations where talking on the phone was out of the question. The phone also stored the message until the user deleted it.

In the beginning, getting a new message was exciting and often it was answered rather quickly, too. When email became popular, people sent themselves into the same frenzy. A new message in your inbox raised interest and was attended to right away. These days people receive so many messages from so many different sources, sometimes in dozens, that the excitement of it is all gone. As a result, the sender of the message will often have to wait for an answer for a longer time these days, if they ever receive one.

Two things bind the present and the past together: the importance of communication as such and the substance of the message. Even though the flood of messages is overwhelming, the importance of communication has grown over the years. Because of this, companies want to provide valid information for the recipient.

Creating valid messages with the help of automation

People often link automated communication with marketing. The selection for different email programs, which automate marketing, is wide. These programs can help your company turn website visitors into warm leads, which can help sales. Companies often focus their communications on getting new customers.

With current customers, automated communication often means emails containing notices of absence or when taken further,  customer satisfaction surveys as well as notifications regarding a product or service. Marketing messages with information about a new product or service also often find their way into people’s inboxes.

When a company’s automated communication is functional and well-taken care of, it can elevate their customer service. The marketing messages mentioned above, when targeted in the right way, are a part of good customer service.

People often overlook the next level in automated communication. Companies can use automated communication to notify a customer about the maintenance schedule, as well as other information regarding the maintenance, well in advance. This way it will be evident to the customer that the service company is operating as promised. This can be done rather easily. If the service agreement is the type where the customer approaches the company when needed, they can arrange for the next maintenance through text messaging. That way the management does not have to engage in unnecessary email conversations or phone calls.

What does it cost?

In the worst-case scenario, a forgotten message costs as much money as the customer brings to the company. The amount could be anywhere from dozens to thousands of dollars. Consequently, it is important for the company to really pay attention to the content of the message. Messages including important information for the customer are a sign of respect for the client. These messages are also proof of the company delivering on their promises. With automated communication, the company can minimize the risk of the customer switching to a competing company to get their services.

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