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Offer your clients the industry's most customizable FSM system.

If you partner with Husky Intelligence, you get the chance to operate in the field with good-quality and customizable software system that uses the latest technology, like artificial intelligence.

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Who is it for and how can you sell it?

With our revenue-sharing principal, you can provide this SaaS program for field-based services, such as cleaning, maintenance, and landscaping. The FSM itself automates the clients processed with its Husky Flow all the way from sales to invoicing.

Create your process with the help of Husky Intelligence.



Earn the trust of your customers as an expert in field service management.



Use the expertise with your leads to bring sales further


Alerts and Workflows in Action

Provide order fulfillment and training for your customers after sales.


customer service

Offer support for your customers in order to help you grow with them.


By becoming a partner of Husky Intelligence, you'll get:

Technical support from Husky Intelligence

Visibility and recognition by being listed as an official partner on the Husky Intelligence's Partners page.

Knowledge on the product from Husky Intelligence's sales training sessions.

Upgrade training sessions when needed

Access to Husky Intelligence's marketing materials

Level of support in marketing from Husky Intelligence

Beneficial commission from the sales

Access to the tools needed for sales and support

What are the challenges with our clients that Husky brings the solution to?

Obviously different fields have different challenges to tackle. But we at Husky try to bring different solutions. Husky Intelligence operates in fields such as cleaning, landscaping and maintenance. In these specific fields most problems consist of the needed data being out of reach and non-automated work processes that take a lot of time. Husky brings solution to these problems with its AI capabilities that allows the user to automate all routine work.

Husky Intelligence's FSM system helps the customers to:

Gain More Time

Acquire More Clients

Increase Profit

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