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How does software speed up revenue and productivity?   As our technological world grows, so does the need for “more.”  Whether it is a more speed, power, or performance, we are continually asking for “more.”  Automated software has grown, and continues, over the years as it is assisting companies with increasing revenue and productivity.  Because, the “more” a software is capable of, the “more” a company profits. ...

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Cell phone

Mobile phone/Cell Phone   Ah, yes.  The cell phone.  Our trusty side-kick and companion.  We talk through it and it talks back.  We can do just about anything with our cell phones, including sending emails, taking pictures and videos, and streaming of our favorite movies and television shows.  Without it, I’m certain most of us would be (figuratively) lost.  Our phones have enabled us to shop on...

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"Short Message Service" or SMS has grown and morphed as many technologies do.  It's often hard to imagine at it's outset, but as each new element takes shape, creators and end users alike go racing ahead to figure out what else they need it to do.  If you're not using SMS as part of your Field Service Management Strategy, you're missing a great opportunity!   The Early...

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