The CareerBuilder app: AI and AR connecting employers and job searchers

The CareerBuilder app

The CareerBuilder app: AI and AR connecting employers and job searchers

Mobile application CareerBuilder is a tool made for job searchers and and employers looking to hire. Now the app has added artificial intelligence and augmented reality to help connect these two parties. In this blog post we will tell you how exactly the app manages that.

Tool to improve job searches


CareerBuilder is a Chicago-based company, which utilizes technology and data to improve the hiring process. The service makes it easier for businesses to hire and for job seekers to find work.


The service matches job seekers with jobs. Its features include helping its users to build their resumes and suggests suitable job openings, to name a few.

Putting the service in your pocket


The company has been in business for over twenty years, but it has recently launched a mobile application which puts AI and AR to use to improve the process.


The app can apply for jobs on the user’s behalf, as well as suggest which skills to improve to qualify for a better-paying job or to keep up with your current one. With the help of AR, the job seeker can look at job openings around them in real time.


Employers can use the CareerBuilder app to help them match their job openings with suitable candidates. The app can adjust the job description accordingly and it can identify job seekers most likely to respond. This is valuable information for a hiring business.


The team behind the application hopes it can help job seekers find something beyond a job – a career. If the app does what is supposed to, it could help fill positions faster and make more suitable matches with less effort.


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