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Thank you cleaning professionals

Cleaning professionals are very busy right now. They are endangering their own health to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Big respect to every cleaner in the world. Thanks for the valuable work, you are heroes!

Probably no one believed how the situation had developed in a few months. Meetings are canceled, passenger numbers fall and stock market values plummet. The world stops for a moment. The effects have been global and the capacity of the international community is being tested hard. Discussion about people’s health and well-being covers all the media channels, and of course it should. We have now been reminded of the vulnerability of our society. The operational capacity of healthcare and other important services, like cleaning services, will be more important now than ever.
Cleaning companies and practitioners are now very busy. Let us appreciate their high professionalism and very important work. They are doing it always for our well-being, and right now to save the world.
Maybe the cleaning professionals deserves much higher appreciation from now on?


Profession Ranking by appreciation
Medical Doctor 7,6
Nurse 6,5
Police Officer 5,9
Firefighter 5,7
Cleaner 2,9


Source: Measuring Occupational Prestige General Social Survey, NORC at the University of Chicago
GSS Methodological Report No. 122, October, 2014

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