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Conflict management: Communication at the center of customer experience

conflict management

Conflict management: Communication at the center of customer experience

Customers and their needs are at the very core of all businesses, but even more so in field service management. Service as product creates a different set of expectations for its quality. One of the best ways to improve the customer experience is to focus on creating a good line of communications between the customer and the business. This blog post will go into more detail on communications in conflict management.

Turning the experience around with conflict management


The ability to build effortless communications with the customer gives a business an advantage. That is the reason successful companies put a lot of thought into their communications. In field service, it is not simply about how well you mow the lawn or how quickly you fix the machine. The interaction between the company and the client is what can really make or break a business.


The beauty behind mastering the skill is the chance to turn negative experiences into positive ones. Sometimes it happens even for the best of us: a client has a bad experience. Maybe the service took longer than anticipated or the spare parts were not the right fit. How you handle the situation after a complaint could turn the whole thing around. Quick and thoughtful responses, taking responsibility and discounts are just a few examples of how a business could make things right when something has gone wrong.

Great communication skills = loyalty?


As people are more inclined to share bad experiences with one another than good experiences, communications are extremely important. Good customer relationships can result in loyalty. When everything works smoothly and doing business is pleasant, a customer is less likely to turn to another service provider. In the event of a mishap, the customer is often more understanding when the problem is handled with care and with their needs in mind.


Besides keeping the current customers happy, great communication skills also signal potential customers that the company is reliable and worthwhile. Happy customers are your best marketing tool. It is easy to provide good service when it is all smooth sailing, but a good field service business is one that can master conflict management.

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