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CRM basics – defining customer relationship management

CRM basics – defining customer relationship management


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Earlier this week we talked about the basics of FSM software. This time we are going to dive into the basics of Customer Relationship Management, or CRM. CRM is an important part of business, but it might be unclear why this is and what the term CRM consists of.

Keeping the customer in mind


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a strategy in which the focus point is the customer, both current and potential, like the name indicates. These days, companies use the help of technology in CRM, and therefore sometimes the term CRM might refer to a CRM system.


CRM systems help keep up and improve relationships between the company and its current and potential customers. CRM as a strategy dictates the way these relationships are tended to. The system is often cloud-based and allows the storage and analysis of customer data.


One of the main benefits of a CRM system is the fact that all the customer data is in one place. Due to this, the data is easy to access. Besides contact information, the customer data might include things like the customers preferences. This is useful information in trying to improve relationships.

Benefits for a company


CRM is a tool used for improving customer relationships, but how does it actually accomplish that? The CRM system can collect large amounts of data like the customers’ interactions with the company. The analysis of this information can help the company understand their customers better.


CRM systems also save time – all information can be easily found from the system. This can help keep the whole team up to date on all customer information with ease. The system can help you automate things like marketing communications and improve your customer service. As a result, the employees need to spend less time on finding information, fixing mistakes and routine work.

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