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Customer communications giving competitive edge

Customer communications

Customer communications giving a competitive edge


Cell phone


Automatic status updates


Informing customers of the different stages of the job and possible delays creates trust and transparency. Automation enables effortless communication with the customer as the worker is reporting the job’s stages and other notions regarding the it. Messages can be sent as text messages for example, which allow the customer to track the different stages of the job, regardless of whether it is a house cleaning or an annual repair.

The most developed systems give the customer the chance to respond to messages to confirm additional orders for example. Two-way communication can prove to be useful in many ways.

Customer portal


Customer portal is an information channel, which the company can offer to its customers or partners. In a customer portal, the customer can usually look at and manage their own information and view their order or job history. Oftentimes the customer can also create new orders and send messages to the contact person of the company. These days, in addition to using it on a computer, the customers can access the portal through an application. The application can be downloaded on a phone or a tablet, and therefore the customers have better access to the portal.

Through customer portals, customer communications and reporting can be handled in such way that all the information is stored in the portal for later use. Usually companies want to store their work reports and inspection records safely in one place.



Customers’ needs regarding communications can vary greatly. A private customer’s needs surely differ from those of a business making dozens, or even hundreds, of orders yearly. Some are content with receiving a notification only when the job is done. Others would like to have access to comprehensive reports of the jobs and for example quarterly reports of the jobs done as well as their prices.

Efficient field service management software makes automating customer reporting easy and this way the customers will receive the information they want. Reporting can be scheduled through email or the customer can download their “report package” through the customer portal for example.

Putting the customer first


Customer communication always starts with the needs of the customer. It is important to go through the reporting needs of the customer when implementing field service management software. This will help create the most suitable communication plan for the customer. Creating a proper plan will bring additional value for the customer’s customers. Customer communications done well will improve the customer experience. As a result, this will also bring out new benefits of field service management software.


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