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Customer Journey at Husky Intelligence


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What is our customer journey? Husky Intelligence is the most flexible FSM-system in the market, with its diverse features that bring speed, accuracy and ease to the work place. How does the system look like in the every-day life of its users? How does it enhance your process and in what situations does it bring massive benefits to your business?


1. Sales Management Tool


If your company needs more customers, the Husky sales tools are your best friend. It tracks your sales activities, automates estimating and quoting with historical knowledge base and improves sales documentation quality and professionalism. When actively used, our FSM-system brings more customers and speeds up the sales process for your business.


2. The Features of Our CRM


The management of customer relationship is important, if you want to keep the customers happy from the first call to completion of the work. Maintain the most important customer data in the system, sync with O365 and view all transactions from Husky Timeline function.


3. Automation of the Work


Husky Service Agreements automates your recurring service work with access to all customer information on-site. The system can also automate customer communication with automated messaging and can also react to changes, with intelligent solutions. Maintenance rescheduling can not be easier.


4. The Features of the Field Service Management


Field workers can access equipment database and maintenance history directly from their mobile phones and add new maintenance work orders on the fly. All work order details and checklists, pictures and documents are designed into your personalized layout, thanks to our easy to use Forms Builder.


5. Billing


Automated billing helps to speed up the customer journey, and also decreases the amount of errors. Never miss a bill, never miss details again. Billing can be done daily, not monthly and manual processes will go away, which will increase your cash flow, and reduce risk for uncollected revenue. Integrations to accounting systems increases efficiency and lowers accounting costs.


6. Reporting


In todays service business, you have more data that you can handle. With Husky, you can understand and process that data. Without real time, accurate, manageable data, decision making is difficult. With Husky you can look into today and into the future with intelligent reporting.



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