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Customer relationship quality and why it matters in field service

customer relationship quality

Customer relationship quality and why it matters in field service

While quality over quantity is widely accepted as a good guideline when it comes to customers, it is especially important in field service. With the way the field is set up, favoring quality over quantity has many benefits. This blog post will dive deeper into why.

The art of customer relationships


Most field service businesses make the most profit from recurring jobs. Especially in a smaller town, it can be difficult to keep the business going without carefully tending to your customer relationships. The obvious benefit of treating your clients with care and respect is the probability of keeping them as customers. A long-term customer relationship can create recurring jobs as well as more sales opportunities. These include additional services and/or spare part sales and more.


Besides the possibility of creating one long-term customer relationship, a happy customer is more likely to recommend your services to someone else. Word-of-mouth marketing is a “free” side product with great benefits – more people trust their peers rather than paid advertisement.

Making work more enjoyable


A satisfied customer is often easier to deal with than an unsatisfied one. Furthermore, when you are already familiar with the customer and their needs, it is easier to tend to them and get the work done. This could save time and effort and still give a better end result than with a completely new customer.


In addition, recurring work makes it easier to stay afloat. Satisfied long-term customers and loyalty go hand in hand, which may prove to be useful in many situations. With a certain amount of “guaranteed work”, the sales team is under less pressure and have more resources to put into creating more quality sales. While both quality and quantity are important, the benefits of tending to quality are superior. When done well, this tactic can help with both aspects.

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