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Measuring customer satisfaction as a part of the service

The beginning of the year can be hectic for a field service business. Perfecting business processes and tackling overdue tasks can result in the neglect of customer service and the customer experience. Especially the measurement of customer satisfaction is often the last thing on one’s mind. But it should not be this way. After all, is it not useful to know your customer’s opinion on the service they received?

The significance of customer experience


According to the Temkin Group User Experience study (2019), the improvement of the customer experience results in business growth of up to 82% in three years. It is hard to ignore the significance of customer experience after numbers like these. It is an important part of the offerings of a field service business and it should be treated as such. Simply sending Christmas cards to your customers does not equal a great customer experience. But where to start with the measurement of customer satisfaction?


Should one measure customer satisfaction by creating a survey by themselves or maybe hire someone else to do it? The problem with these surveys is that they often take time to fill out, resulting in fewer responses. So while these options have their uses, you could utilize the Net Promoter Score for example, instead of a multiple-page survey. This tool is a one-question survey: How likely would you recommend this business to a friend or colleague? Due to the ease and speed of answering, your customers are more likely to take part in the survey.


The Husky Intelligence Field Service Management software includes a feature, which allows the user to create NPS-surveys and reports from them. The survey and communication features enable the automation of these surveys, making it a part of the process instead of an individual segment. These surveys are a simple, yet effective way to gather valuable data on customer satisfaction.

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