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Common customer service mistakes and how to fix them

customer service mistakes

Common customer service mistakes and how to fix them

Field service is not an easy industry to navigate. With its heavy focus on clients and their needs, it is easy to get caught up in all of it and make a mistake or two every now and then. While the occasional human error is understandable, it is important to strive towards eliminating them. This blog post will discuss common mistakes in the field and offer solutions on how to fix them.

Unavoidable neglect in customer communications?


For many field service companies, long-time customer relationships keep the business going. Still, the allure of bringing in new customers might cloud one’s judgement. Putting potential clients’ needs first might leave the current customers feeling neglected. For some businesses, it may be the other way around. The heavy focus on current customers might hinder their chances of bringing in new ones. Since there never seems to be enough time for everything, how can one solve this issue?


While it is often impossible to respond to all customers immediately, automation is a good friend to keep. Automated two-way messaging can turn out to be a life-saver. A response, even if it is the simplest one telling when to expect a real answer, could really make a difference. Furthermore, with automation and artificial intelligence, your software could handle some of the workload, including scheduling.

Struggling with availability


Besides having too little time to reply to customers in real time, often being out in the field all day does not do any good for availability. The reaction speed to change decreases when the information goes through multiple people. In addition, getting all the information correct and not having anywhere to re-check if needed can prove to be a bit tricky.


This is why FSM software could provide the solution. Information flows fast and effortlessly from the office to the field and back. It is all there to check and re-check when needed, even on a mobile device. There could be a cancellation, a rescheduling, added services or spare parts. If there is any change at all, all needed parties have easy access to the information when they need to. Consequently, this improved availability often saves times – both for the customer and the business.


While customer service mistakes are not limited to these, the ones mentioned above are some of the most common ones. Solutions such as automation, artificial intelligence and a mobile FSM software could also help with other problems. The important thing is to never stop striving towards better customer service. Finding solutions is rarely easy, but it is always worth it.

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