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Most desired features of field service software. We have ’em at NetDispatcher!

Capterra surveyed 100 service businesses early 2015 and found out that the most desired feature in field service software is quote creation and CRM. Hardly a surprise to us, because every time we show NetDispatcher to new customers, they love the fully integrated CRM and quote creation and costing process that comes with it. Our findings strongly support the study and after it’s launch in 2010, the sales and quoting process quickly became one of the most used feature in NetDispatcher.

*Unsurprisingly, the features field service software users are clamoring for are those that help bring in new business or make getting paid easier.

We call it “The Closer”.

The fully integrated, out of the box sales, costing and quoting process in NetDispatcher, is fully automated and easy to use must have tool in running your service company. As a owner or manager, you’ll enjoy sales pipeline views, personalized sales projects with activity tracking, attachments, quoting and costing features. Managing and tracking sales progress out on the field with tablets or mobile phones creates even greater possibilities in todays mobile business culture. Lead generation, even among field crews, can be utilized and collected where ever and when ever new sales opportunities arise.

Wouldn’t you like to print great looking quotes directly out of your FSM system with a push of a button instead of trying to recreate them each time? Let alone re-key them in to the system when you win the customer?

Come take a look at how we can automate the entire process for you and get you up and running in matter of weeks!

*Source: Capterra, 2015 Field Service Management Industry User Research Report.

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