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Communication with Husky ERP

Effective communication is essential both in everyday routines and in crisis

The globally exceptional situation caused by the COVID-19 virus puts us all in an unprecedented situation. The exceptional situation applies to individuals, companies and the public sector.


Communication must be precise, well timed and clear. Inadequate communication leads to ambiguities and the spread of rumors. Suspicions should not be incited. For example, customers need to be informed about whether the agreed tasks can be performed despite the crisis.
With Husky ERP’s Message Center, communication is efficient and hassle-free. Communication can be handled either via text messages or email. It is possible to distribute information to a large mass by reacting quickly, with a few keystrokes, or even fully automatically. Whether it’s updated work instructions or your company’s response to a crisis situation, the Husky Message Center takes care of it. Up-to-date and transparent communication is definitely a trend of today. Transparency to customers and employees leads to increased trust and an improved customer experience.
The Husky message center also helps your company in normal everyday routines, whether it is an automated reminder of the work ordered for the customer, or, for example, a job offer for a part-time employee. When a part-time employee accepts a job offer, the system automatically creates a job on the calendar. The Husky Message Center increases efficiency, and allows management to focus on more important tasks. Various service suggestions or customer satisfaction surveys are also easy to implement. When the customer accepts the service proposal, the work is automatically created in the calendar. For satisfaction surveys, you get real-time reports, and you can use it as a tool for either rapid change or longer-term strategic planning.
This exceptional international pandemic situation affects us all. Through effective communication, Husky helps service-critical organizations keep their customers and employees as satisfied as possible. At Husky, we do our best to serve our customers even in these challenging times!

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