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Field service employee management – From dispatching to seasonal workers

employee management

Field service employee management – From dispatching to seasonal workers

Field Service Management software is one of the smartest ways to manage your employees. It can perform an impressive number of different tasks. The main purpose of the software is to improve the way you run your field service business, and that is why it was designed with this specific industry in mind. This blog post will go into detail on how the software can make employee management easier.

Dispatching made easy


Our FSM software is packed with features to make your business processes smoother. One of these features makes dispatching easy for both the employee and the employer. In the software, you can see the schedules of each employee. With a few clicks, you can add, delete or edit any appointments.


It is beneficial to see where each employee is scheduled to be at any given time. And as the software is mobile, field workers can also edit any details of their schedules themselves as well as fill reports on the go.

What about seasonal workers?


When it comes to seasonal or other temporary workers, FSM software is the system for you. You can easily add temps and schedule work for them. Furthermore, this all works seamlessly with subcontractors. Managing them does not have to be hard work.


Seasonal work is a reality for many field service businesses – this is why our software offers features such as weather triggers. With the weather trigger, you could have the software automatically schedule work, for example when it snows. This smart scheduling creates a more streamlined experience for the field worker.


Employee management in field service does not have to be hard. Adopt FSM software and make it simpler.

If you are interested in switching your FSM software to a new one or you want to learn more about it, check out Husky Intelligence’s features. If you have other questions, you can also contact us!

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