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Author: Juuso Haarala

Necessary information available regardless of time and place

With Husky ERP, you can access the information you need, no matter where or when. All the data in Husky is at your disposal both on your computer and on your mobile.   The papers are mixed up and in ten different places. Excel did not even save the last changes. The customer calls, and complains about the work done. How can I find that work report?...

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Communication with Husky ERP

The globally exceptional situation caused by the COVID-19 virus puts us all in an unprecedented situation. The exceptional situation applies to individuals, companies and the public sector.   Communication must be precise, well timed and clear. Inadequate communication leads to ambiguities and the spread of rumors. Suspicions should not be incited. For example, customers need to be informed about whether the agreed tasks can be performed despite...

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