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End of an Era – Pen and Paper are Gone!

Landscaping Field Service Software to Remove Pen and Paper

Several research results show clearly that the masses in field service have moved towards the new digital dawn. Majority of field service companies now use digital devices to help them in the daily tasks. The utilization level of these devices vary. Some still hang on to pen and paper, but even the laggards that remain behind the trend are stating to move to more efficient solutions in the next 12 months.


The transition does not come without challenges. Most love with the flexibility of the good old pen and paper but hate the amount of manual work in the process. When you’re selecting digital tools for your field service company, whether you have a landscaping, HVAC or other commercial or residential maintenance company, the requirements and hopes are often the same; How do I maintain the flexibility and ease of use while optimizing my operational process?


Our suggestion: Selecting the right partner and product and try it out!

The last few days of pen and paper


While many products and vendors promise ease of use and customizability, you may want to see it in action. Because the same research reports also tell us, that this might not be true for most of the solutions out there. Flexibility and ease of use can mean many things to Your company and most products out there will not be able to deliver. Our Motto in NetDispatcher, is to let our customers try it out, see everything in action and drive it before you buy it. Many products try to force you to digitize your paper forms and make you use their built in process. This might be difficult to use, costly to setup and hard to learn. Mobilizing these forms are challenging and poorly scale to mobile devices. After all, we are trying to make it easier to the field workers, not harder, right?

The first thing we hear after the trial process is that: You guys have the best looking, easy to use software we have seen!

Join us and come see it with your own eyes!

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