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FSM software in the cleaning industry

FSM software in the cleaning industry

Cleaning services are a very important part of our society. COVID-19 poses new demands on cleaning and the role of information management is emphasized. The biggest challenges in the cleaning industry often arise precisely in situations where the information originally recorded does not reach the employee and the possibility of errors increases. In such situations, the business is successful for those cleaning companies that have already invested in the FSM system, operate efficiently, and do not waste time and money on resolving ambiguities. Therefore the Husky Field Service Management software is an ideal tool for the cleaning industry.


Why FSM system is needed for the cleaning industry?

The purpose of a Field Service Management (FSM) system is to clarify and streamline the company’s operations. The system streamlines and controls the functions performed by the cleaning company during the working day. The biggest benefit is a usually better flow of information, clarity, and accuracy. Without an FSM system, the number of errors and ambiguities is high, especially as the number of tasks and employees increases.

Recurring scheduled jobs are easier to manage

It is very common for cleaning companies to visit the same sites more than once. Of course, weekly destinations are familiar to employees who visit there often and know the destination, but if cases of illness occur and a replacement is needed, it can confuse the situation. When a company uses an FSM system with the content of a service contract and work instructions ready, it facilitates the situation so that even new employees can work in a new place with the help of descriptions and work instructions made once.

All data can be managed by mobile phone

Mobile management allows paperless office. The Husky FSM system requires no installations and works on all devices with an Internet connection. Husky handles working time monitoring, automatic two-way SMS notifications as well as email notifications, attachments, electronic signatures, and much more – in real-time.

All in one package

Husky includes all the FSM features needed by a cleaning company in one package. Husky’s FSM system has been found to work well specifically in the cleaning industry and for good reason. With Husky, the company can handle the entire process from sales to invoicing. It allows all information to be found in the same system anywhere, anytime, whether you are in the office or on the move.

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