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mobile solutions

Business Mobile Solutions: 3 Factors To Consider

Mobile solutions for businesses is all the rave today; after all, we seek for convenience for our lives, we shan’t not neglect if for our business.


All over the world, businesses are clearly making an effort to utilize softwares, services, and tools they can afford to improve their convenience. One thing notable about this advancement is how far we’ve gotten in terms of mobile solutions technology.


With this in their mind, business owners have weighed in the risk versus reward—and clearly, the former excels.


While major industries have jumped the wagon—medical, financial, and even government agencies—all of them employing mobile solutions for their business, field services are not late for the show.


One of the golden rule when it comes to managing a business is that time is money; but with that, so is speed. And if you’re managing or part of a field service company, then it’s very likely that you’re using a mobile solution for organization and convenience.


Key highlights of having a mobile solution to your FSM software is that it delimits the discrepancy between the lines of communication between your dispatched team and the office team. Most software feature this type of solution that’s integrated in their service. This allows them to see their personnel on a virtual map or allow them to assign tasks right on their phone.


Now, these instances are possible, owing credit to softwares with dedicated features.


But now, the question remains when it comes to choosing your FSM software:


How do you choose one?


Keep in mind these 3 key features that you need to look into when choosing one.


Ease of Use


Buying or availing of a software that has integrated mobile technology to it would be useless if you or your employees can’t understand or use them. Their features must be prioritized, instead of the fancy interface and controls. Your employees must be ready to access this information using the software, but at the same time should capture high quality data that’s needed. And, in order for that data to be useful, the same needs to be uploaded to the company’s cloud service. Cloud storage (or whatever your company your term uses) has paved way to change how people transmit data. Having that on your field service management software is essential and to have your employees is them is more important.

(More importantly, you need to know how to master the software. Learn more about how you can use NetDispatcher’s FSM software for your business with our tour. Click here to view.)




Another thing that you need to consider when choosing a software is how it can protect data. In the field service industry, information that you regularly deal with is personal. In that sense, it must be noted that your software must have utmost secure encryption. However, there is a striking balance between allowing your personnel to access the needed data and the amount of security that must be kept. Since you’re looking for a mobile solution that can help with your field service company,  you still need to consider if what you’ll be using can be accessed in a mobile device. But today, most business mobile solutions have created a system where they segregate personal data from corporate data, so that’s one more factor needed when searching for a mobile solution for your business.




Lastly, accessibility of your mobile solution should be regarded as one of the building blocks that you need to check before you use a software. The main purpose of having that software is so your personnel can regularly and readily transmit information with the team. Even when there’s very limited connectivity, you or your employees should be able to work around the system, then synchronize the data to the server once connection is regained. Also, data needs to be shared—meaning, that the functions and data needs to be accessible for anyone who needs them.


While there are only a few other FSM softwares offering mobile solutions for different types of businesses, and there many businesses who can function without them, that’s not to say that they won’t be a big help to your business.


Some rely on built-in features of mobile phones or tablets, but the system just doesn’t work the same. While that could be an all-catch system once you have a mobile phone, it’s still not highly suggested. Using the same app in your phone to manage your business can post a security breach to your business.


So as early as today, it would be best if you are able to start to look into a software that can offer your business the opportunity of a mobile solution.

NetDispatcher’s FSM Software V3 has recently included mobile solutions to their top-rated features.


Not only will you be able to dispatch, schedule, and even send out invoices to your team via computer. Now, even while you’re on mobile or your team is on the go, connection would be a total ease.


Get started with the free trial today and see how your business grows!

mobile solutions

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