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failed sales leads

Failed Sales Leads and What To Do Next

Failed sales leads are all too common in the field service industry and it shouldn’t put you down. Remember, not every call that you receive is a customer that you’ll end up doing business with.

But sometimes, your business is met with a string of service calls that you expect would land into sales. They’ll be asking a long laundry-list of questions, ask about your services, and sometimes even ask for quotes. Then, before you know it, you’ve spent an hour talking to someone with no eventual sale closed.

Should you be frustrated? Are failed sales leads a waste of time?

Well, not exactly. When we think about it, failed sales leads are just hesitant customers. Once you’ve found a way to offer them what they really want, then they’re most likely to try your service. Believe it or not, they called because they are actually interested in your service, they all just need a little nudge.

If you’ve had that string of service calls with no sales, then it’s time to come up with a way you can repurpose them and get them back in to the buying cycle.

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In the time you spent talking to the would-be customer, they had raised a lot of thoughts and concerns about what they need—they’re basically looking for a solution. Always keep a mental note of what they’re saying because it would help you break down how to entice them into buying.

Each question or talking point that they raise is actually a good idea for you to write either as a newsletter or a blog article. Regardless of how long the call took—even if it was just some questions about the price or the dispatch fee—those concerns can be used against them.

To best illustrate this, take for example a customer asks about the dispatch fee then argues that they don’t want to pay it and hangs up the phone. A good talking point is a blog article explaining why dispatch fees are required. Several of the information that they will provide may be used for future callers who might raise the same concerns, avoiding future failed sales leads.

Start today!

failed sales leads

If you’re lost and don’t know where to start, just follow this simple procedure:

Step 1. Always record the information! While it’s a general rule that you should always keep a mental note of the conversation, it’s still better to have it recorded. There are a number of softwares that offer call tracking. Or, if you’re a bit stringent on the budget, there’s no harm n writing them. Simply write down their questions, take down notes on their specific questions, and use them as critical talking points when writing.

Step 2. Next up, find the right person for the job. Identify which of your technicians are the expert at solving the concern of the customer. While you may have a general idea of the overall cogs and wheels of your business, there’s always someone with the most authority in their expertise. That same person can either write the blog post or newsletter, then you can indicate/highlight that person in the content. For example: “HVAC Parts Expert Johhny answers most homeowners concern!”

Step 3. Finally, publish the content or send it out! Regardless if that’s only a couple of hundred words or full blown articles, addressing the customers with questions directly and honestly will relieve them of some doubts as to purchase from you.

These blog posts serves different purposes: either as sales pieces or resources that your customers can use. Surely, it’s not part of your business marketing module to chase sales, but there’s really no harm in addressing a couple of concerns, putting in some words, and just sending it out. This little effort can give you leads you thought are a lost cause.

If ever you’re having trouble with your HVAC, landscape management, or any sort of field service business, head on over to NetDispatcher’s blog or academy. We provide up-to-date information that’s both relevant and helpful for your business!

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