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field service management

Field Service Management For Optimizing Resources

When we speak of Field Service Management, the first thing that comes into our mind is our desire for our business to become ‘clutter-free’ and one that would work within a system. That’s actually the intention and purpose of Field Service Management (FSM).


When we speak of Field Service Management, the first thing that comes into our mind is our desire for our business to become ‘clutter-free’ and one that would work within a system. That’s actually the intention and purpose of Field Service Management (FSM).


It’s created and used in order for businesses to have a system that follows a process, almost always with the end goal of making it perfect, effective, and efficient.


So in one word, how do you define field service management?




In utilizing an FSM software, you are looking for the best and highest use for the resources of your business—you are optimizing them.

Field Service Management Optimization


Avoiding the all-frustrating technical jargon, service management is simply about ensuring the best and highest use of the resources your businesses possess. This way, you are fully utilizing the resources to their full extent.


Most of the time when we take this into account, the executives and the managers are the ones who’ll be the main player. It’s because they can access the data/resources needed for decisions of the business. In order to do this, they evaluate and review the resources they have gathered, then apply them to where applicable.


The deciding factor in here is that they need to determine desired outcomes based from their decisions and data alone. After evaluating data and making decisions, they then hope for the best—thus, field service management optimization.


One clear cut example of how this can be applied to your business is when you dispatch and schedule your team. FSM softwares, such as NetDispatcher’s V3 software, allows managers to properly assign tasks to the right technicians. With that same software, they are able to schedule the right technician for the fitting job, provide him with the necessary resources, and provide resolution for the problem in a fixed time.
field service management


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With that same optimization, the support from the home base can determine whether the customer would need service in the first place. And if so, what are the necessary resources needed to be dispatched for them to resolve the problem efficiently. As for those in the logistics, field service management optimization allows them to determine whether or not the necessary resources are still enough.


Not only does FSM software create a seamless operation, it also provides visibility and insights with the location. Together with that, reserve logistics plays another part. Since their optimizing not only what’s being dispatched but what’s also needed as well they help provide insight to the costs of goods needed.


Some FSM software offer as much extended features such as inventory levels, contract renewals, invoices, and data on trends.

Field Service Software Optimization


One thing that’s well to remember by is to keep in mind that field service management or field service optimization is not only a technological solution. It’s not only solely about systems and processes. Moreover, if field service management would only be treated as a technological solution, then the service performance will not be the priority. If that happens, then one might overlook and forget the cardinal rule—the highest and best use of the resources.


field service optimization


Having that in mind, if you plan on using an FSM software for your business, junk the old perspective of looking at it as a technological advantage. Instead, use it to strategize in a more planned and calculated level. If you already have the data you need, then you’re already well on your track into utilizing them for advancing your business.


Those data will help you determine critical factors—who among your employees has the best skillsets for the jobs, who among them can work full times in a week, which of them resolves issues faster in a certain solution, and there’s a whole lot more to it!


Another advantage with that system is how your business can use it to approach the market. Again, having the right data, you can determine the best time and opportunity on how to make marketing efforts, at what rate do you engage your customers, and which issues are the most demandable in the industry at a given time.


Once you’ve got the field service management optimization figured out, it would now be an ease for you to optimize them both levels; strategic or tactical and operational.


Ultimately, it all boils down to these two on how you build an effective field service business strategy. When you adopt a way and innovate in order for your business to grow and find out the highest and best use of your resources, that’s field service management right there. With an innovative FSM software paired to it, your business’ growth would be not be spurred.

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