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Field Service Management: Optimize Dispatching and Routing

Field Service Management: Optimize Dispatching and Routing

Field Service Management: Optimize Dispatching and Routing

As part of the field service industry, one of the provider’s priorities is to ensure that their customers’ expectations are always met. In a way, this will depend on a short response time and streamlined dispatching process of a company. This allows them to provide the right people with the right skills and tools.


While all of this is happening, those in charge of the administrative work try to maintain the balance of workload between the technicians, repair costs, and travel time.
In order to compete in the cut throat competition of field service, the solution is to address these challenges by using an automated process. That’s where NetDispatcher can help you. The solution is simple—automate your business with the features you need.

Scheduling and Dispatching


The core processes, or features if you will, of any field service management software are these three; scheduling, dispatching, and managing service for the field technicians. Dispatching is the process where you send out an employee (an engineer, specialist, or technician) to fix a problem or provide a solution. The process of dispatching is critical for customer satisfaction. This is due to needing to deploy your employees to address the problem as fast as possible. In order to retain your previous customers and make new ones satisfied, this is a requirement for your business process that you shouldn’t miss.


Although it may sound simple, it can be a burden if not done correctly. There are actually several important factors of the planning process, which include:


  • Adjustments: When dispatching an employee, the route is usually planned out in advance. But there may be instances where they have to either re-route or change their course in order to reach the customers immediately.
  • Resources and information: You’re team must have the right tools, right supply, and right skills they are sent out to.
  • Mapping: As the one with the resources in home base, you need to carefully plan out the services you send out your team. You cannot have your technicians going back and forth to different locations if it can be done efficiently.

How can NetDispatcher help you?



  • Route optimization: When you dispatch your employees, changes are inevitable. NetDispatcher’s key feature will allow the user to visualize the impact of the schedule and job order. This, in effect, determines the best possible routes which would resolve the changes.
  • Information database: With our campaign to automate your business and go paper-free, NetDispatcher saves all the pertinent information you need about a customer. Their prior services acquired, problems, parts needed, etc.—it’s all in one place.
  • Mapping: NetDispatcher’s scheduling feature also comes with a mapping feature which optimizes the time of the services to make sure they don’t overlap. By seeing the distances and possible routes, you can make better dispatching decisions. This key feature helps your business save money and time by enabling your technicians to work efficiently.

But why use an FSM software?


A field service management software like Husky Intelligence will do two things that would help your business grow: you can go paper free and automate your business process. The first one is essential if you run a business that considers information vital, especially those of your customers. The second one removes hours of painstaking planning work that could just take minutes with an FSM software. Together with that, it frees up time of technicians and those who manage administrative work, allowing them to focus more on the customer.

Are you using an FSM software to help you manage your business? If not, give us a call so you can schedule your demo today. The Husky Intelligence team (formerly known as NetDispatcher) would love to hear from you at (713) 955-5437. Or email us at

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