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field service metrics

Field Service Metrics: Important Points

Field service metrics in the field service industry matters a lot—big time. In fact, if you ask any field service business owner to identify which of their metrics are most important, they’ll know it by heart:


  • Metrics of customer satisfaction
  • Business profitability (service margins)
  • Service response time
  • First-time fix

Field service metrics


Depending on the nature of the field business or owner, these field service metrics may vary in hierarchy.  But that being said, all of them are considered as priority metrics in the field service industry, as well as a watch-list for business owners. In the years NetDispatcher has operated in the field service industry as well as taken in-depth analysis of field service metrics, there are more metrics that are being relevant. Here, we consider them as follows:

Success with customers


In the previous metrics we mentioned, it includes the operational metrics such as the response time and the first-time fix for dispatched orders. Then came the metrics of service margins—how a business profits from orders. Today, there is another metrics that’s worth considering when it comes to fulfilling orders: customer level. This field service metric isn’t just a measurement of their satisfaction. It’s a combined metric of their transactional, retention, customer effort, and ease of doing business score. Leading field service businesses have taken a more methodological approach to evaluate this metric. Purpose to which is so they can identify what a customer sees and perceives as a more successful field service.

Complete service delivery


Another field service metric worth looking at is how your service is delivered by your partners. Who are these partners? Dealers, distributors, and independent service organizations form part of this, and they contribute almost a third to the service work. Now, if your business is not taking advantage of measuring this data, then you’re losing the opportunity to apply operational, financial, and customer-facing data to your advantage.

Focus on employees


The value of your field service employees or the team you dispatch for orders have now reached a new level: important metric status level. While it’s not just tied to the shortage of engineers in the industry, it can also be considered in the impact of field service visits. A good sign that an organization or industry is doing well is that it not only cares about satisfaction of its customers, but also how it can open revenue opportunities for their business.


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