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Field Service Software Helps Resellers Grow.

Field Service Automation is a new line of business for Resellers to add on top of Accounting or ERP programs. Companies are still using pen and paper to schedule and dispatch field workers. See how NetDispatcher can help you grow your business by adding to your line card.

NetDispatcher and Flexxus: Symbiotic Alignment

NetDispatcher needed solution providers focused on ERP and accounting. Flexxus Business Solutions needed complementary solutions to the ERP and accounting systems it resells. So it was a perfect fit when the two were matched up as potential partners.

NetDispatcher is a Finland-based SaaS provider of field service solutions, focused on landscaping and HVAC, that has built up a US business over the last two years. “It sits on top of accounting systems to streamline the business,” says Steve Wescoat, channel sales director. In selling the solution, “knowledge of accounting helps. We find companies of one to ten people fit best because we know they have skin in the game and will do the marketing and put resources into the product.”


Flexxus was founded in 1999 to help Vancouver businesses of 20+ employees and about $20 million+ get the most out of their business technology, with an emphasis on on-premise and SaaS ERP. Both are looking to work their way upstream to larger enterprises. “I develop relationships with customers that are smaller than that, before they have the need,” says Paul Sweeney, president of Flexxus. “The cost of sales is very high, so I was looking for other software I can sell to generate a relationship.”


After an initial call went well, the two companies saw a strong fit and began working together in late 2014. The relationship has quickly prospered, with NetDispatcher stepping in to offer training and conducting demos, Flexxus contributing field input, and both sides developing a healthy pipeline of about a dozen new leads.


“Paul’s knowledge of accounting helps us not to have to explain that and makes training a lot easier,” says Wescoat. “He brings up good questions and has insights into integrating our system and accounting systems, and setting up and streamlining processes. That saves us money and gets us more customers without having to add headcount.”


Clear understanding of roles is a key ingredient in making such relationship successful. “I understand my part of the relationship is to generate opportunity, but it’s up to the vendor to focus on marketing and generating awareness, which will create opportunity as well,” says Sweeney.


As the two companies continue developing their alliance, both are focused on pursuing larger clients. Flexxus now has a larger array of valuable software and services to offer clients, and through the current base, NetDispatcher can begin to market to the distributors who sell to landscaping and HVAC companies, a symbiosis that keeps both sides invested in the relationship’s success.
“Each party needs to bring something to the table and make an investment in the relationship.”

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