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customer experience

Better Customer Experience Through Field Service Software

In order to provide the best customer experience you can, you need the right information. Information is the key to any growing business—that’s one of the cardinal rules of managing your own business. With that same information, it can either make or break your company progress or growth. That’s why it should be a priority for any business owner to get their information organized.

Whether it’s information about the job to be done, information about your customer, or even about your available resources, this will affect your company’s ability to get the work done. And, no doubt, customers know when you’re organized and when you’re not. In fact, this affects their experience with your service.

It can all be frustrating—both for you and the customers. Once you’re disorganized, there’s a likely chance that this would be a stumbling block for your business. If this sounds like something that you’re currently experiencing in your business, now’s the right time to switch to NetDispatcher.

NetDispatcher’s has recently released Version 3.0 of their FSM software. Loaded with updates and key features essential for your business, this provides you the flexibility you need to get the job done.

customer experience

Notable features of the most recent version include:

  • Highly customizable templates and forms
  • Alerts and workflows orders, sent via email or SMS
  • Real-time and seamless reporting
  • Sales CRM
  • Automated scheduled work orders
  • Team builder for work order scheduling
  • And a whole lot more!

(Check out why service scheduling is essential for your FSM software!)

With prime features such as scheduling, reporting, and automated dispatch/orders, manage your job with automation! They also offer remote and mobile management, so even if your team is on the field, access to data is always available.

With the customer and company information stored in one place, there’s also real time updating. The dispatched team will be able to access their needed data anywhere thanks to the mobile solutions that NetDispatcher offers. And when it comes to the customer experience, alerts and updates en route will certainly be a factor in improving that. Prior to resolving the problem, technicians can whip out their mobile devices and have access to previous information that can help them with their current job.

But it’s not all just dispatching and work orders. NetDispatcher, with its prime vision to improve customer experience, also aims to improve your business with automation. After all, time wasted on administrative work can be spent on more important matters that would be more relevant to the customers experience.

NetDispatcher’s FSM software aims to reduce and even eliminate time spent on billing and invoicing. This can be done either by technicians who can directly quote from the field or managers can set up customizable forms and trigger actions. Easily quote new services or finished jobs without having to go through clutters of papers or a number of phone calls.

In this day and age, information is the key towards any growth. Pair that with an FSM software that’s determined to improve customer experience and your business is all set. Get organized and avoid the clutter!

With NetDispatcher’s FSM software, customers will know that you have your act together—knowing that, customer experience leads to more nurtured clients. Grow your business with us and activate your free 14-day trial today.

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