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3 ways in which FSM software caters to field service businesses

FSM software and how it caters to field service businesses

FSM software and how it caters to field service businesses


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The acronym FSM comes from field service management. FSM software is designed, as its name indicates, to fit the needs of field service businesses. But how does it actually take those needs into consideration? How does it specifically cater to field service businesses? Here is a list of three different features of FSM software which do that.

1. Service agreements


Service agreements help the company manage recurring jobs. Besides getting to ditch the pen and paper, the ability to create recurring and triggered service agreements will assist with putting things in order, especially with seasonal work. Service agreements guarantee recurring jobs, like maintenance, have a clear schedule. It also helps the company to have the details of each location in the system. This results in less work for the management.

2. Dispatching


A dispatching feature allows the company to plan more precise schedules, including resource allocation. Dispatching also enables changes from the office to reach the field workers in real time – the only thing the employee needs is a mobile phone with an internet connection. If a job is cancelled, moved or a new one is added, the system can send an email or a text message notifying the field worker of the change.

3. Reporting


In a report center, the employees can submit reports as well as access old ones, both in the office and on the go. Due to this, people in the office are able to follow what is going on in the field and with specific jobs. In addition, they can easily check details of past jobs.

These features, among others, put the ‘field service’ in FSM software – this software is designed to help field service businesses manage their workforce and resources. Adopting FSM software can significantly save time and increase profits. If you want to find out more about our field service software and its features, click here!


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