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More Revenue from Existing Customers for Your Service Business

In the marketing scene, it’s almost general knowledge to know that it’s easier and less expensive to sell more to an existing client that to close a new lead.


Especially in the field service industry, there are more room for your company to grow if you equally balance targeting acquisition of new client and your current customer base. This is especially pivotal in planning your company’s sales growth strategy—the way you can increase more revenue for your business!


Keep in touch with your customers



First things first, you need to make sure that you find a way to keep the engagement between your customer and your business open. This way, whenever they have the need of your services again, they need not consider another business that offers the same services you do.


One way you can do this is by sending customer service follow up emails. This may include a simple invoice, a thank you email, or just reminder emails. You can read more about it in our extensive article here: Customer Service Follow Up Emails: Improve it in 3 Ways 


Offer your other products!


This is one way of adding value-added services to the job order. For example, when your team completes an HVAC job, they may also offer maintenance contracts or subscriptions so that they can increase the total revenue with the visit.


Just remember to keep it relevant, though. For example, if the job ordered for was for HVAC purposes, offering something for their landscaping may not be the most appropriate.


Analyse customer list
To make sure that you’ll be able to cross sell or up sell to your customers, you need to be organized in determining which customers are relevant.


You can do this by creating two separate lists; a list of services you can provide and a list of all your customers.


Both of these lists are accessible in the NetDispatcher platform. You can pull up your services and products easily with the added features in the latest version of the NetDispatcher FSM software.



(If you need help with understanding the key features of NetDispatcher, it’s Academy is always open– click here!)


Then, once you have the list, you can identify which of your customers are not receiving all the services which are available to them, and then you can make a list of the additional services you can offer them.


Cross sell or up-sell with your team!


When your team is out on a service, they should also be aware of any opportunity that will allow them to cross-sell or upsell the services your business offers. For example, when they are dispatched for a lawn care or lawn maintenance job and they check out that one of the sprinklers are busted (aside from the services they were contacted to), they can offer to have those sprinklers replaced or fixed. They should note this down so if the customer refuses at first, you can always follow up after the service is complete.


Also, closing these kinds of services with be easier and more efficient with NetDispatcher’s added ‘Closer’ feature. This allows you and your team ease when it comes to management of the sales teams and sales project phases.




Users with the ‘Sales Management’ permission can now create and edit Sales Teams and also Sales Project-phases in the Closer feature. With this feature, you can add and edit steps that are used to show the status of the sales project, which is a key feature if you want to automate the process of upselling or cross selling to your current customer base. You can likewise edit an existing step in the sales process and change the order.



Your business would like to take advantage of getting more revenue from your existing customer base, and NetDispatcher’s feature would be a pivotal part of your sales process! There’s no need to manually follow up with your customers or go with the paper trail of finding out who’s interested in more of your services. The ‘Closer’ feature would be a great addition to your automating process.


If you would like to get started with automating your business today, our team at NetDispatcher would be more than willing to demo it for you!

Give us a call today at (281) 815-4665!


Also, we offer a free 14-day trial for any business owner in the field service industry who wants to go paper-free and fully automated!

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