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The world is going mobile and so should you!

The world is going mobile and so should you!


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Going mobile is a trend that has spread like wildfire. These days basically everyone has some sort of a mobile device. Even first-graders have mobile phones more expensive than your rent. Mobile devices are taking over everywhere; from schools to homes and work places. The good old computers aren’t completely obsolete, but people no longer need to rely on them in many aspects. How is this affecting doing business and how can you get the most out of it?

Following the consumers

Especially with the younger generations, most people take their mobile phones everywhere with them. A cell phone with internet access used to be a luxury, but now it has become a rather common phenomenon, and even a necessity for some. People often spend hours on their smartphones daily, but not all businesses are taking advantage of this and creating content suitable for mobile devices. Mobile advertisement is a lot cheaper than, say, TV advertisement, and especially mobile video advertisement is getting more and more popular.

These days the mobile version of a website is more important in SEO than the desktop one is. Businesses should remember to follow the consumers and mobile is where they are at. This is why your business should focus on making its content as mobile-friendly as possible.

Utilization for business operations

Marketing and reaching customers through mobile isn’t the only thing the company can do to enhance its operations. The popularity of the trend has generated many new ways to utilize mobile devices. More and more platforms are mobile-friendly, which results in people being able to perform tasks, which earlier required access to a computer, on the go. For a field service business, this can result in a significant increase in productivity, if utilized in the right way.

Field service businesses can receive many benefits from going mobile. These days, companies can for example track field workers through GPS and employees can update their progress in the field. Communicating with your employees and sending attachments has never been this quick and easy. With mobile, data can be accessed anywhere. An FSM system can help perform these tasks in the most efficient way possible.

With FSM software, the office can see what’s going on in the field and the field workers can manage things such as their teams, schedules and add-on sales on the go. Being able to manage your operations out of the office just makes doing business that much easier. Being able to put the data into the system right away increases its accuracy and makes it easier for everyone to do their jobs, as they do not have to wait for information.

A tool for smoother operations

Mobile devices help the whole company operate with ease. This will increase the company’s reach in the market and the company will be better connected inside itself as well. The mobile aspect brings more flexibility to the company’s processes – it allows the user to choose where they operate from, decreasing stops to the office.

Going mobile is crucial for a modern-day business. It can be very beneficial both in marketing and in operations inside the company. If you’re still wondering whether your business should go mobile or not, the answer is yes!

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