Google Brain: Medical Digital Assist


In this post you are going to learn about what Google Brain is and what it does. 

Google Brain: Medical Digital Assist


As many companies are trying to make applications of artificial intelligence for everyday use, Google is working on developing AI to assist doctors. A part of its artificial intelligence unit, Google Brain, has been working on a program called Medical Digital Assist. Google is now taking steps to develop the program further.

Aiding the doctors with note-taking



Google Brain’s Medical Digital Assist is a project which aims to harness the power of artificial intelligence for note-taking in medical examinations.




At the moment, note-taking is a very time-consuming process for doctors. In many cases, documentation takes up the biggest part of the doctor’s work day. Google is developing AI technology which could take care of that task instead. This would allow doctors to use more of their time on meeting patients for example.


What does it do?


The AI-fueled technology will listen to conversations between medical professionals and patients. It is meant to be able to pick out and document the crucial parts of the conversation. The program will also be utilizing touch technology. The main point of this technology is to make patient records more accessible and save time while improving accuracy.

Developing the technology


The technology has already been in the works for a while now, with Google putting more and more money and effort into it. In order to move forward with the project, Google has recently posted job openings for the program. These will help in forming partnerships for testing out the technology, which Google is hoping to start by the end of the year.


Bottom line:


As working in the medical industry leaves very little room for mistakes, the project is an ambitious one. To ensure its success, the program will be utilizing different types of technologies, like machine learning and voice recognition.  Google is working with researchers and doctors of Stanford university, and the first phase of the program should conclude in August.

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