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HAL9000 Horrors of A.I.

Horrors of AI and Halloween


Over the last few weeks we here at Husky Intelligence have been highlighting the features and benefits of artificial intelligence.  The use of automation for field service management companies is a hot commodity and it can assist with your everyday habits.  But, what about the cons of AI?  How can A.I. and its power of automation be frightful for some in today’s technologically advanced society?  Welcome to the horrors of AI!


AI Takes Over Human


Thanks to the use of automation and AI businesses are seeing the benefits ranging from lower costs and a higher rate of productivity.  But, with these advanced machines how does that affect the worker?  Due to the use of these automated powerhouses, many workers are losing their jobs or having their workdays cut.  AI is a more cost-effective and advantageous alternative to a worker who can, over time, slow down and cost much more.  Many car companies, who once had workers on an assembly line, now have automated machines assembling the cars and trucks we drive every day.  Even the military has acquired the use of AI systems to fight in today’s modern-day battlefields.  However, this is an advantage for humans, too, because it decreases the risk of a life lost.


Movies and Sci-Fi vs. Reality


Do you remember HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey?  Remember how HAL was a complacent, yet responsive and attentive computer?  But, as the movie progressed, HAL’s AI did, too.  The system began to learn on its own and disobey the orders of the ship’s commander.  Finally, the program was shut down, but not without doing harm first.  In 1968, many people had thought this movie was merely science fiction and that it could never happen.  However, more than forty years later, we are starting to witness the true ability of AI  *Insert maniacal laugh here* Earlier this year, Facebook had created an AI program to see its potential and how it could benefit their billion-user website.  Within hours, the program had created its own language forcing the company to shut it down.  This was merely a stark preview of what the future of A.I. holds.

When A.I. Rules the World


Like the 80s band Tears for Fears said, “everybody wants to rule the world.”  Little did they know that this would include computers.  The potential of AI has no limit.  With the plethora of information on the web, these automated systems can grow and learn forever without being stopped.  So, how do we put limits on these machines?  How can a field service management company prevent a machine from taking the job of a hard landscaper?  Will Husky Intelligence ever adopt AI and implement it to make your job easier?  No.  Husky Intelligence understands that there should be a cap.  The use of automation in field service management will continue to grow, but there will be set limits.  There will be no need to worry about your program overtaking your company’s finances and personal data.  Elon Musk, owner of Tesla, warns the tech world of the capabilities of AI systems and how we must put limits.  Husky agrees wholeheartedly.  We want to build the best and most capable automated field service management software for you, but we don’t want it to run your world.  We want it to assist you and your company, and not to be like HAL and shoot you off into the depths of outer space.  Happy Halloween!


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