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Husky Flow: Invoicing tool

Husky Flow: Invoicing tool


Our Husky Flow series runs through the main features of our FSM software. In earlier posts, we have introduced the sales management tool and the job management tool, and this time we are introducing the invoicing tool!

Automate your invoicing process


Husky Intelligence’s invoicing tool helps automate your invoicing process. To make things even easier for both you and your customers, the tool includes consolidated invoicing.


Invoices can be made according to the work orders in the software. Due to this, the pricing of the time spent on the job can be automated. Different types of services can have different prices set for them, so the price of the service type can be calculated automatically in the software.


You can also create a consolidated invoice from individual work orders. The software assembles them into an invoice. The software also enables the customization of different parts of the invoice, for example you can define the order of row information according to your needs. 


The software also allows the creation of invoices from scratch, if there is no work order to use. In this case, the information needs to be fed into the software manually.

Transfer invoices to accounting software


If you are currently using accounting software and would still like to continue using it, do not fret! Husky offers integrations, which allow you to use your accounting software with our FSM software!


The integrations allow you to move data from one system to another. In regards of invoicing, this means you can transfer work order information automatically – no manual work needed in syncing the systems!

If you want to learn more about Husky’s features, keep an eye out on our blog, as we will continue with the Husky Flow series, along with posts about other interesting topics. If you have other questions, you can also contact us!


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