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Husky Flow: Job management tool

Husky Flow: Job management tool


Our Husky Flow series runs through the main features of our FSM software. In the first post, we introduced the sales management tool, and this time we are introducing the job management tool! The two features of job management are called Jobs and Schedules.

Making managing your workforce easier


The job management tool will help your business control the workforce with ease. From bigger things like maintenance history to smaller things like electronic signature, Husky offers you the tools needed for properly managing a field service business.


Husky’s job management makes processes smoother with the help of automation, customizability and accessibility. Recurring jobs can easily be automated with the software, reducing routine work and double entries. The software’s text fields are customizable, so you can mold them to suit your business specifically. The software doesn’t require installation, which means you can access the information on the go. The ability to check schedules on the field is a useful feature.

Jobs and Schedules


The Jobs section contains the company’s work orders. These can be easily created, managed and viewed in the software. You can bring an endless amount of different work order templates into the system, ensuring that each kind of job has a suitable template. Due to this, the work orders will only include information relevant to the job.


From work orders, the software can collect work/maintenance history for a specific appliance. Assets can also be added to the work orders and the software can easily fill in customer information. The software supports recurring as well as triggered service agreements, which in turn makes the management of jobs easier.


The Schedules section is a visual representation of the work orders. If the different jobs contain location information, they will show up on the map. Besides the map, the Schedules section includes a calendar. The calendar shows the different field workers as well as the jobs they have scheduled. You can even customize the calendar period shown and filter it according to a resource or job status for example.


Besides the basics, including job description and pricing, the job management tool allows attachments. Some work orders might for example require pictures or instructions. In addition, you can add an urgency rating to each job.

This is just the tip of the iceberg – the job management tool is filled with great features, which make it easier for you to manage your workforce. If you want to learn more about Husky’s features, keep an eye out on our blog, as we will continue with the Husky Flow series, along with posts about other interesting topics. If you have other questions, you can also contact us!


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