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Husky Flow: Reporting tool

Husky Flow: Reporting tool


Our Husky Flow series runs through the main features of our FSM software. In earlier posts, we have introduced the sales management tool, the job management tool, and the invoicing tool. This time we are introducing the reporting tool and its benefits!

Reporting center connects the office and the field


Husky Intelligence’s reporting tool is the key in connecting the office with the workers out in the field. With the help of automation, reporting will be more effective than it has ever been!


With Husky, all your reports are all in one place – more specifically in the Reporting Center, done in cooperation with Jaspersoft. As our software requires no installation, you can access your reports even on the go! Reporting has never been this easy.


Besides the easy access, the data in the system can easily be brought into reports, making sure you will not have to waste time on double entries. This results in more effective reporting and less mistakes.

Transfer invoices to accounting software


We at Husky wanted to make sure our reporting options are as extensive as possible, to make reporting suit your needs. Due to this, our reporting center supports customization as well as gives the opportunity to set up automatic reports.


You can customize fields in reports, as well as bring your old report templates into the software. This ensures that the reports look the way you want them to – without unnecessary information filling up your reports.

If you want to learn more about Husky’s features, keep an eye out on our blog, as we will continue with the Husky Flow series, along with posts about other interesting topics. If you have other questions, you can also contact us!


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