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Husky Flow: Sales management tool

Husky Flow: Sales management tool automates your sales pipeline


We have already discussed in the past what FSM software is and how to choose one. We have also written a blog post called “Customer Journey at Husky Intelligence”, which introduces the different features of our software. This time we will be going deeper into those features with our Husky Flow series!


Our first post is about sales and CRM. The tools in the software are called Leads and Estimates.

Sales and CRM


The sales management tool will follow and automate the sales pipeline, transforming predictions into concrete actions. The two sections, Leads and Estimates, store information related to sales projects, offers, sales objectives and leads, as well as customer records and activities.


Keeping things in one place enables easy access to data, which in turn results in improved customer relationships. Information will no longer be lost, but instead can be easily found when needed.


Husky has all the traditional CRM functionalities. The software also has a tool called Closer, which is able to make predictions and break down sales targets into weekly actions. The customizability of data fields eases and speeds up the collection of information, which is crucial for the success of sales projects.

Leads and Estimates


In the Leads section, sales representatives can accurately keep track of their leads, prospective customers, sales numbers and projects. Sales projects can easily be turned into offers and then delivered to the customer by email through the system. This way it is insured that all the offers are in the same place, which also makes it easier to follow the status of the offers, as well as how many and what kind of offers have been sent.


Creating estimations for customers is a part of sales. To make this process easier, the Estimates section allows you to generate estimates for sales projects. This can be done straight from the project itself.  Both the customer and seller will have a better idea of the project, when there is an estimation attached to it.

Husky’s sales management is a great tool for companies to automate their sales pipeline. These features make doing business easier than it has ever been, freeing time for connecting with current and potential customers.


If you want to learn more about Husky’s features, keep an eye out on our blog for the next few weeks. We will continue with the Husky Flow series, along with posts about other interesting topics.


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