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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You asked; we listened.  Here in our FAQ section you will find answers to the questions you and your team may have while operating and running Husky Intelligence.  If for some reason your question is still not answered, use the form at the bottom to send one of our team members a question regarding the program.  We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.


Over time we will update this list with questions from our customers.  So be sure to check back every once in a while!

Sales Management and Estimation

How do I add a new lead?

From any screen click the Leads tab at the top. If you have the proper rights, you can create new leads by clicking the "Add New Lead" button under the leads section. After that, you build a sales project for the prospective customer.

How do I turn a lead into an estimate?

After you have created a Sales Project for a potential customer, open the project back up and click the "Create Estimate" button at the bottom. A pop-up box may appear asking you to select which template to use.

When I create a sales project for a customer does it save that customer information in NetDispatcher?

Yes! When you create a sales project with new customer information it will create a new customer card in NetDispatcher.

Job Management and Scheduling

How do I create a new job?

From any screen click the Jobs tab located at the top. Once the list appears click the "Add New" button at the top left. A pop-up box may appear asking you to select a template.

I created a job but it is not on the dispatch board. Why is this?

There could be a few reasons for this. Below are some of the most common reasons:
  • While creating the work order you may have not selected a resource.
  • You may have forgot to set a date and time.
  • Check the status of the job. If the selection is on Open Job, then the job will not appear on the dispatch board.

If your question was still not answered, please use the Contact Us form at the bottom to notify us of your question.

Can I edit jobs from the Scheduler?

Yes! While on the Scheduler double-click on the job icon you wish to edit. A pop-up box will appear with the job details allowing you to alter any bit of information. If the field worker has already started the job, a message will appear on the field worker's mobile device notifying that the job has been updated.

Can I attach materials to a Job template so that they appear on every work order ran?

Yes! In the Advanced Training section it discusses template building and how to add materials so that they appear on every work order.


How do I create a new invoice?

Currently, there are three ways you can create invoices:
  • You can create invoices from scratch in the Invoice section
  • Inside of a work order you can scroll to the bottom and click the "Create Invoice" button. Creating an invoice this way will auto-populate all of the fields on the Invoice template that match with those from the work order.
  • You can batch invoices. This involves going into the Jobs section, selecting the work orders you wish to invoice, and clicking the "Generate Invoices" button at the top. This will create invoices for multiple work orders at once.

What is "batch invoicing?"

Instead of invoicing one by one you can batch invoices. This simply means that you can generate multiple invoices from work orders, send them to the customers' emails, and print all of them out without having to do each one individually.


What is Ad Hoc?

The Ad Hoc Editor is the interactive designer for creating and editing an Ad Hoc view, where you can explore and analyze data from your Topic, Domain, or OLAP data source. Ad Hoc views can also be used to create content for reports.Click here to read more about Ad Hoc!

Service Agreements, Alerts, and Workflows

What are Service Agreements?

Service Agreements are items that automate many of the typical, recurring tasks. Service Agreements, when ran, create either order proposals or orders.

What is the difference between Automatic and Manual?

Manual Service Agreements are triggered manually, and Automatic Service Agreements run based on the predefined schedule or a trigger when combined with assets.

What is the "Bundle tasks made with service agreement as one job?"

The bundling of tasks button combines all of the rules into one job. If this button was not selected, when you click the generate results button every rule would be created as a separate job. If this button was selected, when you click the generate results button one job would appear on the Jobs list with multiple jobs under it. Also, when it is invoiced all of these jobs would appear on one invoice instead of multiple.

Account Management and Settings

What are assets?

Assets are properties and pieces of equipment that can be attached to customers and work orders. Many of our users have customers who have multiple properties at different locations, but they still have the same billing information. This is an effective way to have a single billing customer and multiple assets connected to this customer.

Can I have customer specific products/materials?

Yes! On your customer cards you have the ability to attach the Materials section. You can attach as many items to this customer from the Materials section as you wish. When you are creating a one-off work order or running Service Agreements these materials will transfer over to the work order as well! Check out our Advanced Section which discusses template building, or contact us asking for assistance with this feature.


What is Route Optimization and how do I use it?

Our new Route Optimization is the answer to your company’s needs! Route Optimization uses a complex algorithm that will generate the most efficient and quickest route for a field technician with multiple jobs on a given day. This feature will ensure that no time is wasted and your employees can reach their next job site in a timely manner.

Click here to read more about Route Optimization and to see a PowerPoint with instructions and illustrations!