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The Account Management and Settings section (Maintain on the website) is where all of the account settings, customer information, materials, resources, and more are located. Continue reading below to locate the features in this section.

Maintain List

  • Customers
  • Contacts
  • Units & Assets & Properties
  • Routes
  • Materials
  • Services
  • Pricing

Customers, Contacts, Units & Assets & Properties

Remember the old days of having a Rolodex to organize all of your customer information?  Well, with Husky Intelligence we have got you covered when it comes to maintaining customer details.  Our customer template can have any number of fields and tabs to better assist you and your company with organizing customer information.  You even have the ability to attach media files to customers, including pictures and text documents.  Below you will find the basic steps to creating a new customer card.


  1. Click the “Maintain” link in the top-right corner.
  2. Under the Maintain Lists click “Customers”.
  3. Click the “Add New” button at the top of the list.  You may be prompted to select a template for this.  Choose either one.
  4. Enter in the customer details.  You do not have to enter every piece of information now.  You can go back in later and edit the customer details and alter the template.
  5. Once you have entered in the customer information you can click the “Save” button which will take you back to the customer list.


Here at Husky Intelligence we understand that convenience and consistency is needed with any software.  That is why the Customer, Contact, and Asset sections are identical in appearance and the process of creating new items.


The Contact list is much like that of your phone directory.  These contacts can be attached to customers, estimates, work orders, and invoices.


Assets are properties and pieces of equipment that can be attached to customers and work orders.  Many of our users have customers who have multiple properties at different locations, but they still have the same billing information.  This is an effective way to have a single billing customer and multiple assets connected to this customer.  To link the asset with a customer all you must do is type in the customer name in the appropriate field, select from the drop down the customer, and that will auto-populate any repeating fields from the customer template.


Whenever you create a route under the Schedules section, the planned, prepared, or accepted route will appear in this section.  The Routes page allows you to view your current routes, their statuses, and make adjustments to those routes as necessary.  However, if you are needing to create a new route, you must do so in the Schedules section.

Materials Card


The Materials section, much like the customer section, allows you to enter in materials and products that your business sells.  Our Materials card can be edited to better suit your needs.  On Estimates, Work Orders, and Invoices this materials list can be found.  To make the process even more convenient you have the ability to upload an Excel or CSV file of your materials and products, including details such as product codes and pricing.  Have Quickbooks or Sage accounting software already with all of this information?  No worries!  Our integration with multiple programs makes your job easier.  Both programs can “talk” to each other by syncing information back and forth.  If you have any questions regarding whether or not your accounting software will integrate with NetDispatcher, contact us for verification.


How does the Services section differ from the Materials and Products list?  With the Services section you have the ability to set dates for a service to be active and specific pricing.  The active dates boxes are a date range for how long you wish for the service to run.  For example, your company may be running a promotional period with a discounted service.  You can create this discounted service for a specific time period while specifying pricing based off of either a fixed rate or hourly rate.  On the work order there is a Service Type field that allows for the selection of service.  This will be seen on the field worker’s mobile device on the jobs list.  On the invoice the service performed for that job will appear as the first item with materials and products underneath that were used.


A fixed rate service is a simple, flat rate that will be added to a job regardless of job length.


An hourly rate service allows you set a rate, minimum charge for job, and rounding capabilities based off of value or time.


Resource Management

  • My Personal Settings
  • Maintain Users
  • Resources
  • Access Management
  • Time & Attendance

My Personal Settings

In this section you can change the site language and your password.

Maintain Users

Only those who you give access to will have the ability to add new users or edit existing ones.  To add a new user follow the steps below:


  1. Click the Maintain Users link.
  2. Click the “Add New User” button.
  3. Begin entering the user information.
  4. You can change the Service Line and User Group fields later, if you do not have the information now.  The Service Line field limits that user to see only specific offices and branches.  The User Group field sets the users ability to access certain parts of the software.  For example, a person who may be in Sales may be limited to just the Leads and Estimate section of Husky Intelligence.
  5. Login: You can either set the user’s login as their email address or a custom one that has been created.  NOTE:  Currently, once you save this user you will not have the ability to alter the login name.  For the time being, if you need this done, contact our Support team.
  6. Create a password for the user.
  7. Click the “Add New User” button to save.
New User Setup
Team Builder


Typically, our customers use the resource section for employees, teams, vehicles, and pieces of equipment that they would like to assign to work orders.  In the Resources section you can add these items by creating the items individually or importing into the system from an Excel or CSV file.  Much like the Customer and Materials process of adding a new item, adding a new resource is the same.  However, adding a new team can be done from two sections in our software.  Follow the steps below to add a new team.


Adding a New Team from the Resources Section

  1. Under the Resource Management list click Resources.
  2. On the top right portion of the table click the icon that has three silhouette characters.  This brings up the Team Builder.
  3. Click “Add New Team.”
  4. Enter the Resources you wish to add the new team by typing in the blank box.  If you need to add more rows, click the add row button.
  5. Once you are finished click the Save button.


Adding a New Team from the Schedules Section

  1. Click the Schedules tab.
  2. On the Scheduler view click the “Team Builder” button.  A pop up box will appear allowing you to create a new team.
  3. Click “Add New Team.”
  4. Enter the Resources you wish to add the new team by typing in the blank box.  If you need to add more rows, click the add row button.
  5. Once you are finished click the Save button.



Access Management

Those with ADMIN capabilities can change the privileges other users have in Husky Intelligence.  By opening the Access Management link you can select a user group and assign to them certain rights and limitations within the software.  For example, an employee in the Sales department may only have the rights to view Desktop, Sales, Sales Management, and Estimating.

User Access Management
Time Card

Time & Attendance

Every work order that has a resource attached to it will produce a time card for that resource once the job is marked as Completed.  The Time Management section holds all of the time cards for your employees showing you accurate times of when they started, paused, and completed a job.  As soon as a job has been completed it will appear on the list as being “Unapproved.”  This alerts the individual who is responsible for the Time Management section that approval is needed for this job which can be done by selecting the card and clicking the green “Approve” button.  As with every other section of Husky Intelligence you have the ability to export these time cards to a CSV file that you can download to your computer.  If a worker’s hours do not appear or the worker forgot to clock-in, a manual entered time card is possible and simple.  Just click the “Add New” button in the top right and enter in the appropriate information.

Your Company Settings

  • Configure Mobile Layouts
  • Configure Desktop Layouts
  • Maintain Sites and Branches
  • Organization Info

Configure Mobile Layouts


To edit the information that appears on the workers’ job list you need to go into the Configure Mobile Layouts section.  When looking at their job list the worker can see the important details regarding the job.  Any default or custom fields can be used in the layout for the worker to see based off what you feel is information they need to see first.  Most of our customers place job details and customer information on the layout for workers to see.  Follow the steps below to build a mobile layout.


  1. Under the Maintain section click the “Configure Mobile Layouts” link on the far right.
  2. In the blank space you will see text because this is what we put as default in the system.  Delete all of the text.
  3. From the Fields list on the right side scroll down to the fields designated with the orange line.  These are the fields on the Job templates.  Select the field you wish to have show up on the workers’ job lists.
  4. Repeat step number 3 until you have all of the fields you want.  Be sure to space out the items and separate with a comma.  Refer to the image on the right.
  5. When you are finished click the “Save” button.
  6. Click the “Back” button on the page and not the web browser’s back button.


That’s it!  Now your worker can see the information at a quick glance and know exactly what needs to be done, at which location, and at what time.


Mobile Layout
Mobile Job List Layout
Customer Search

Configure Desktop Layouts

You may have noticed that with the search fields they bring a drop down list with certain criteria.  This is because those search boxes are searching a specific part of the system for that particular criteria.  For example, the default criteria for the customer search field searches the software based off of the customer’s name and billing information.  If we were to search the Customer Name field for a city, a drop down list will show results of customers with that city on their card.  Along with editing the search fields you can select the information you wish to show on the Dispatch Board on the icons and the templates for messages that are sent to a customer’s email in regards to an Invoice or Estimate.  Follow the steps below to create a search template.

  1. Under the Maintain section click the “Configure Desktop Layouts” link.
  2. Above the Fields list on the right side click the down arrow on the Use Template box and select “Customer Search.”
  3. In the blank space you will see text because this is what we put as default in the system.  Delete all of the text.
  4. From the Fields list on the right side select the items you wish to be searchable in the Customer field.  NOTE: The Template Title can have a searchable item and when shown in the drop down box while searching it will be bold.
  5. Repeat step number 3 until you have all of the fields you want.  Be sure to space out the items and separate with a comma.  Refer to the image on the right.
  6. When you are finished click the “Save” button.
  7. Click the “Back” button on the page and not the web browser’s back button.


Follow the steps above to alter the other search templates.  Also, you can edit the Estimate and Invoice email templates!



You can designate users and resources to offices (service lines).  This is beneficial if you have multiple stores, offices, or locations.  Much like the User Access Management you can divide users and resources between offices allowing them to only see estimates, work orders, and invoices for their location.   On any of the forms, located at the top, you can specify which office will be permitted to see

Service Line (Office) on a form
Service Line (Office) on a list view
Organization Info

Organization Info


The Organization Info section is for you and your company to refer back to when it comes to company specific information.  You can find fields for Federal Tax ID, Address, contact details, and even the API key.

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