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Welcome to the new Report Center. Much like our previous version you as the customer had the ability to create reports for a plethora of items. You could create Estimates, Work Orders, Invoices, Contracts, and more. Well, we wanted to one-up ourselves. We had our team locate a reporting software that would exceed our expectations, yet would be simple and easy for a non-tech person to understand and use. Jaspersoft helps organization make quicker decisions by bringing them timely, actionable data inside their apps and business processes through an embeddable reporting and analytics platform. With Jaspersoft you can create dashboards, self-service reports, visualizations, and analytics. Read on to get a better idea of the features found with Jaspersoft.



Jaspersoft’s reporting software gathers the information from one or more data sources that you choose and presents it in an easy-to-read, interactive format.  Design interactive and ad hoc reports that will help you accomplish your goals.


Interactive Reporting


The report viewer provides tables and charts that can be sorted, filtered, formatted, and any other alteration you can think of to better suit you.  Report snapshots deliver rapid response time to user interactions reducing query impact to underlying source systems.  Their interactive view lets you integrate interactive reports inside web applications or distribute in email to your entire company!


Pixel-Perfect Reports


These print-ready reports can contain barcodes, charts, images, and much more.  Create these reports from any data source (Big Data, JDBC, XML, CSV, and others).  Reports can be published to multiple formats including PDF, XLS, XLSX, XML, HTML, XHTML, CSV, DOC, and others.


Self-Service Ad Hoc Reporting


Jaspersoft’s ad hoc reporting is a easy-to-use, drag-and-drop report designer that enables you to build interactive crosstabs, tables, and charts using either your browser or mobile device.

Third Party Applications



Jaspersoft’s interactive dashboard software combines data and graphical indicators to deliver at a glance summaries of information for users to view the state of their business and quickly respond.  Also, you can create Mashboards which have multiple views from different sources to bring all of the most vital information to one page.  You can combine reports and charts all from within the application while still having the full interactive capability.  Are you away from computer?  No worries!  Jaspersoft has a mobile application that grants you the ability to access and build reports and dashboards all on your smartphone or tablet.




Jaspersoft’s data analytics software is used to model, manipulate and visualize data.  It does this so that it can identify issues, spot trends, and make better decisions quickly.  The analytics can assist you with making your application more competitive and allowing you to make better decisions.  Visualize any bit of data with interactive charts, maps and widgets.  Zoom quickly to visualize summaries and details without having to create separate chart views.


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Jaspersoft Mobile


Follow the links below to read more about Jaspersoft Mobile.  In these links you can find instructions on how-to download the Jaspersoft Mobile application and tutorials and videos on how-to perform certain tasks in the application.

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