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Template Building

Husky Intelligence > Academy  > Advanced Training > Template Building

Template Building is one of the newest and most popular features in the newest version of Husky Intelligence. You have the capability to produce simple or complex estimates, work orders, and invoices all with a few clicks of the mouse. There is no limit to how many templates you can have in the system. Create detailed customer cards with a materials list for customer-specific pricing, attach media files to work orders, and checklist for your technicians to follow while in the field.


This page will show you how to create three different templates: Customer Card, Asset Card, and a Work Order.  Follow the steps below to build your templates and refer to the videos for assistance.

Check out the media files below

Part I: Form Builder – Customer Card

In this video I show you the process of how to create a new form (template) under the Customer section. The video shows the basics of adding fields from the list and creating new fields for the form. Please, watch parts 2 and 3 to see the more in-depth process.

Part II: Form Builder – Asset

In this video I show the process of creating a new form (template) in the Asset section. The video also highlights some features such as Widgets and Operatives and how to use them.  Please watch the Part III to see the process of creating new work orders.

Part III: Form Builder – Job

In this video I show the process of creating a new form (template) under the Jobs section. I show the process of transferring a template from another section, creating a new layer, and how layers need to be organized.