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3 things to know about FSM implementation

Improved Routing for Field Service Businesses

Make use of NetDispatcher’s Routing Optimization feature to allow your technicians to work more timely, wisely, and efficiently.


NetDispatcher’s showcases itself as the most ROI-effective FSM software in the market today without compromising the key features needed for any field service business. Our route optimization feature calculates the most optimal routes and creates schedules that fits perfectly with the resources your business has. This includes orders, available team, and even resources. This optimization will allow your team to get the maximum number of jobs completed while making the most out of the time and resources you have.

[For optimizing your resources, check this out: Field Service Management For Optimizing Resources]


By optimizing the routing of your technicians,  both your field team and office employees will save more time planning on which routes to take for efficiency and will give them more time to focus on your customers instead.


Using your current employees, they don’t need to spend longer time than with this administrative task as it can be automated with NetDispatcher. With your current employees doing this, they can do more productive things like bringing in new business.


Also, with optimizing your technicians routing, this will result in less fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs, and lower vehicle mileage—which will ultimately add to your bottom line.

Routing Optimization

^3C0DAA36E59AE5D963882F3C619FD9794C132920FB64B113CF^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrSelecting jobs for the optimization


The scheduler view filters are also used to show jobs on the map view. The map view will show the same jobs that are shown in the other views like calendar or scheduler. The idea is that the existing functionality is used here so the user doesn´t have to learn a new way to handle the jobs that are optimized.

  • Notice: Jobs might not be updated into the map automatically in phase 1 if it gives some kind of performance issues.


Map view

Jobs are shown as pins on the map and those pins will have different colours for every resource. The job will also have some predefined information show on the map as it details when user clicks on it.


Starting the optimization

Once the desired jobs are shown on the map the user can press the “Optimize” –button from the header of the map view. This will take the user to the specific optimization view.


Optimization view


The actual optimization view will consist of the joblist that will have predefined fields and also the map that will show the location of the jobs and the route that is created.


The actual optimization is completely automatic and is based on the following information:

  • Resources: If there are more than one resources jobs available in the optimization view the user needs to select one resource to which the optimization is done.

Optimization is done a day at a time per resource. The date is selected in the optimization view.

  • Job address: The address will come from the asset or customer, depends which one is used on the job schema. For this we will create a new kind of location component which will allow the location to be entered also manually.
  • Start and end point of optimization: In the first phase we will use predefined values like office address.

The optimization will include the travel time into the total time.


When the optimization is done the user saves the changes and these are then transferred into the jobs that were part of the optimization run.


Are your employees still struggling balancing getting new customers and planning routes for job orders? We’re here to help them focus on important work. Give us a call today to schedule your demo of NetDispatcher’s FSM software. The NetDispatcher team would love to hear from you at (281) – 815 4665. Or email us at


Or if you’d like to dive right in, we offer a free 14-day Free Trial. All features included, no credit card needed.

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