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Increasing sales: Create more and better sales opportunities

increasing sales

Increasing sales: Create more and better sales opportunities

In a field service business, just like any other business, it is crucial to its success to increase sales. Although client acquisition is important, recurring customers are just as important, if not more. That is why sales should not only focus on the quantity, but also the quality. In this blog post, we will introduce ways in which Field Service Management software can help create more quality sales opportunities.

Focus on the quality first


While the quantity of sales or customers is important, they often do not matter if the quality is bad – especially in field service. If the interaction leaves a bad taste in the customers mouth, you could easily lose a lifetime client. But if done right, you could gain one – and in the process create many more future sales. But how to improve on that in a busy business?

Creating a sales pipeline


Field Service Management (FSM) software can offer the business a free set of hands, so to speak. Within the software, its users can store endless amounts of information, from service agreements to reports. The beauty of it lies in its mobility – all this data is at your fingertips anywhere you go. As long as you have a mobile device with you, you can access, add and modify information on the go.


As all the data is with you at all times, it is easier to keep up with sales projects. Our sales tool, called the Closer, has an impressive selection of features helping to create an automated sales pipeline. You can save leads and sales projects and their status and set the software up to turn sales targets into weekly actions. This way it is easier than ever to stay on track on all things sales.


In conclusion, with the help of automation, you have a better chance to be on top of all the details and bring better quality into your sales projects. The time freed by the software can also help you catch more sales opportunities. No more losing leads or wondering who you called yesterday, as it is all in there. In addition, you can link your Office 365 and oversee everything from one place – Husky Intelligence’s FSM software!

If you are interested in switching FSM software to a new one or you want to learn more about it, check out Husky Intelligence’s features. If you have other questions, you can also contact us!

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