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Innovation – From Benz to Musk

INNOVATION – From Benz to Musk


When looking through the lens of history, innovation seems slow and safe. But captivating and exciting…not so much right. Definitely not spectacular. And so it is with cars and many other inventions. I hear and read of their invention in the past with mild interest, but I’m spellbound by what’s going on today and what is projected for tomorrow.

The inventor of the first practical Motor Car – Karl Benz


Karl Benz was born in Germany in 1844. He was awarded the patent for a two-stroke engine in 1879. In 1883, Benz & Co. began production of gas engines, and by 1886 Karl had a patent for his first motor car.


In 1888 his wife, Bertha, was credited with taking the first long distance car trip in Karl’s Model 3. It was a three-wheeler with wooden wheels. Today we don’t think much of a long distance trip, but think about the challenges of a trip like that in a world which didn’t yet know about gas stations or McDonald’s.


Although the life cycle of technology was much longer, innovation was still the result of people with a vision, determined to make their dreams come true.

Innovation of Travel


We’ve all seen the articles and videos about self driving cars, but take a look at these announcements, predictions and plans from Elon Musk. He is involved in multiple companies that are developing key technologies to make these things happen.


  • Musk will build a Tesla roadster that looks amazing and it will go from 0 – 60 in 1.9 seconds.
  • Cars can fly, but it makes people nervous. So instead, he will use a more traditional company to build tunnel underground roadways.
  • Electric semi-trailer trucks were announced just days ago… which is only logical.
  • SpaceX (another Musk company) will fly humans into space using reusable rockets next year.
  • He predicts that by 2025, we will set foot on Mars and within 15 years of that first step, we will build a city on Mars.

Innovation of work


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