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WWW – Internet – Tim Berners-Lee


Every day, we use the Internet.  Whether it is to check e-mail, update our social media page, or to buy that TV we found for a steal on Amazon.  The web has grown to the point that we need it every day, whether it is for work or personal use.  You must log-on to access your Husky Intelligence account to automate your field service management company.  The web is a necessity in today’s world.  We need it to communicate, work, and shop.  As you read on, you will get a brief history and the role the World Wide Web has played in our everyday life.


History and Development


Surprisingly, it was only one man that invented the Internet in 1989; his name was Tim Berners-Lee.  Berners-Lee was an English engineer and computer scientist working for CERN, a particle physics laboratory, in the late eighties when he invented the World Wide Web.  His goal was for the world to share information at lighting speed to people across the globe.  Along with the web, CERN is also responsible for having the first website built in late 1991.  Berners-Lee’s creation of the World Wide Web could view hypertext documents that we see every day.  Through the nineties, Berners-Lee and many of his organizations continued to work to improve the quality and standards of the web.  Though this could be considered a “billion-dollar idea,” Berners-Lee did not believe in monetizing this invention.  Therefore, he did not patent the creation or accept any royalties.


Role in Life – At Work and Home


As I have mentioned, we use the Internet in our everyday lives.  In a work environment we use the Internet to communicate via email or in an online meeting and, for field service management companies, they use the Internet for their automation software and more.  Every business uses the Internet in some aspect to continue their business operations.  At home, a person may be using the Internet to do their online shopping and check their social media pages.  Whatever the reason may be, Berners-Lee’s creation is quite possibly the greatest invention of all time.  It allows people from all over the globe to communicate instantly and explore endless amounts of information and history!




In just a few years the Internet will be 30 years old!  But, in our fast-paced and technologically driven lives  the world wide web does not seem to have changed much.  However, if you look at the history of the it many advancements have been made with more to come.  An article published on Forbes titled 7 Predictions For How The Internet Will Change Over the Next 15 Years highlights and predicts many of the ways the Internet will grow.  As discussed in a prior blog, Augmented and Virtual reality and automation are going to play a pivotal role in the growth of the Internet.  Automated machines might take over more job fields that can save companies thousands of dollars.

As the Internet grows, so will the people and businesses that use it.  We will have to adapt and acclimate ourselves to this ever-growing piece of technology.  For field service management companies, the growth will benefit them greatly.  As well as this, Husky Intelligence will continue to grow.  The growth of the Internet has enabled our cloud-based program to grow and mature allow companies to benefit greatly both monetarily and in customer base.


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