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Who Wants To Be the Next Johnny?

I guess everything started like it always starts. You know the feeling, when a sand grain in your shoe is working it’s way past the level when you just can’t live with it anymore?

That morning Johnny had the same feeling. His employees had just walked into the office, sipping coffee and he saw his managers trying to work with the printer to get the papers out, so the landscaping crews could start their day. Everyone is on the clock. Frustrated, he told himself: “No more. I am not taking this any more.” The shoe had to come off for Johnny.

That very night he sat down and looked at his options. Johnny laid down his pain points and made a short list of items he wanted to resolve. “Clean sleet!” – he thought. “What would I do if I started my landscaping company today? I would have a better process, and minimize the manual work.” Johnny had an epiphany. “We got to get rid of all this paper. The paper is the problem. There’s gotta be a better way!”

Stay tuned to find out what Johnny did next. And what ever happened to his shoe he took off?

In the mean time, take a sneak peek at Johnny’s story.

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